Citadel Wall

View of the outside of the Troy II/III Citadel Wall, ca 2500-2200 BCE (Schliemann’s  `Burnt City’).

This reconstruction built with hand-made and fired mudbrick preserves the original mudbrick material, which is concealed inside this wall to its full height (approx 4 m).A fire gave the original brick of the upper and outer part of the wall and this colour has been reproduced in the reconstruction. Directly behind it, inside the Citadel, is a mudbrick Megaron (building with a porch) with a stone foundation excavated in 1998/99.Constructed in alignment with the Citadel Wall, the building was found with its walls still standing up to a height of over 1.5 m.

  The construction in summer 2003 of a roof over the mudbrick building and the section of the Citadel Wall which has been preserved in place has made it possible to open them to the public without the archaeological material being harmed.